PKI Hosting

        PKI Hosting is a solution that TDID aims to serve the full CA implementation and operation management based on the standard security system infrastructure.

        When organizations need to reduce their expenditures and management problems associated with a CA system that is not in their area of expertise, the TDID-designed CA Hosing Service would be a preferable solution. TDID provides a comprehensive solution in establishing and operating the CA system that meets the CA standard. To this end, the TDID security environment provides high-quality support for the management of hardware, software, state-of-the-art computing facilities, Computer Data Center, Backup Data Center, Human Resources, and CA-related procedures.

        At present, TDID has two premier customers including both govermental and private organization who are currently using CA Hosting Service.

1. The Bank of Thailand CA (on behalf of The Bank of Thailand) issues the certificate to secure the transaction of the Imaged Cheque Clearing and Archive System (ICAS) between bank members and The Bank of Thailand.

2. Thai Bank Chip Card Root CA (on behalf of The Thai Bankers Association) was officially established by TBA in 2016. It is a root Certification Authority system used for certifying bank issuing CAs who will issue the certificate and key onto their ATM chip card. The ATM chip card embedded with key pair and certificate provides a high security protection in replace of the previous ATM magnetic card.

3. NITMX CA (on behalf of the National ITMX Company Limited) issues the certificate to support the Bulk Payment Service, and Web Portal Service to their members.

4. PCC CA (on behalf of the Processing center Co.,Ltd.) issues the certificate to support Front-End ATM Service to their members.

Key Benefit

  • Substantial decrease in workload, more time for core activities
  • Security Management Compliance: WebTrust for CAs and ISO 27001
  • Drastic reduction in cost of investment
  • Professional Execution and Customer Support
  • Long Term Burden Free